Legacy Systems Support and Transitioning


In an effort to generate new business revenues, manufacturers are calling time on their existing products. Trader Voice and Telephony users are issued with “end of life” or “end of support” notifications meaning they are faced with a choice of continuing with unsupported systems or spending large sums of money on new systems.




Over the course of the last 20 years, we’ve bought and sold huge quantities of what we refer to as “previously enjoyed” equipment. Second-user equipment supplied by AVT is always fully tested and refurbished with options available for warranties and maintenance support. Second-User equiptment is cheaper than new but performs all the same functions. Second user is ideal for new start-ups working on a budget or for expansion of existing legacy systems.

All technology eventually becomes obsolete and needs to replaced. A key part of our service portfolio involves undertaking system surveys, decommissioning planning and execution and environmental disposal of redundant hardware and associated equipment. As part of the service, we provide comprehensive removal planning with RAMS, dedicated personnel and removal equipment and when the project is completed, Destruction Certificates for WEEE and RoHS compliance.

Another advantage of working with AVT is that as a brand-independent provider, we have expertise of all trader voice and recording platforms meaning we can assist when you are migrating from one platform to another.

You won’t be limited to simply buying a newer version of what you already have. There may be other products on the market that better suit your specific requirements. WE PUT YOU BACK IN CONTROL. Our migration team can assist with data collection and transcription, configuration and line programming through to physical move and decommissioning of redundant systems.

In addition to new systems, we offer full support on a wide range of Trader Voice & Telephony Systems that have been listed by manufacturers as end of life. We have qualified engineers, replacement system and desk-end spares with flexible support options available to give you back control of when and how you want to undertake any technology refresh. When the time does come for a change, being independent we can provide you with the information you need to assess all available options, not just the next version of your current platform.