AVT Systems was originally founded in 1992 to offer independent, proactive, client focused sales and support for Trader Voice services to the Financial Sector. Our primary focus has always been and continues to be this important sector, ensuring our team has the solutions and skills to implement and support these most mission critical communications systems.  Today we deliver proactive support services to clients globally.

Our evolution has seen us add other voice services to our portfolio including Call recording sales and support for training and compliance, Telephone System supply and support for current and legacy systems.  SIP trunks and desk-end devices.  Telephone repairs, refurbishment and environmental services for end of life disposal.  We have recently added hosted trader turrets and telephony to our offering.


Our vision has always been to focus on providing users with value, clarity, and uncomplicated communications and service in an area that is regularly made to look more expensive and complicated than it should be.

We provide excellent service, value for money, and commitment to all our clients irrespective of size or location.   Our proactive support comes from a team that listens and is there for you now and for the future as requirements and solutions evolve to meet new communication challenges.


We have been successfully providing support services for over 20 years. Our services include bespoke support for every major Trader Turret brand, Compliance Call Recording and Back-Office telephony for both current and legacy systems.

The success of our Trader Voice Team is based on our ability to deliver comprehensive support at reasonable cost, with industry leading response times, guaranteed MAC rates, flexible contract options, proactive engagement and total transparency. We consider any client, irrespective of size, to be as important as our own systems.  Our commitment is your reassurance.

More and more people are realising that there are competent, cost-effective alternative providers who want and will appreciate their business and will not force expensive end of life policies.

As an independent organisation, our engineering expertise covers all major trader turret and voice recorder brands. We have also added a range of innovative technologies to provide real solutions to the ever evolving world of voice communications.  Our expertise is your resource.