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AVT Systems was founded in 1992 to offer an independent, proactive, client focused source of technology and support for Trader Voice services to the Financial Sector.
Our primary focus has always been and continues to be this important sector, ensuring our sales and support teams have the right solutions and skills to implement and support the most mission critical communications systems.
We’ve always kept pace with the many advances in communication technology whilst ensuring clients using legacy systems are not forced into prematurely buying expensive replacement systems. AVT has a long track record of providing the best possible service and value.
With the recent addition to our senior management team it is time to do more than just deliver, we want to exceed and drive change with good old common sense combined with a plan to put the customer at the fore front of service – as it should be.
We can reduce your operational costs by creating a service package that suits your needs, with excellence as standard or introduce new technologies that will cost less and deliver more.
With a team of engineers and service specialists combined with long history in this specialised industry we have the resource and intelligence to deliver the type of support your business demands. By tailoring packages to suit your business, you get to select what’s important to keep your business running effectively whilst not paying over the odds.
We Listen, We Deliver. Contact Us and see what we can do for you.


Our vision has always been to focus on providing honesty, value and a personal touch in an area that is regularly, and in our opinion unnecessarily made to look expensive and complicated.
Excellent service, value for money, proactive transparent support from a team that listens and is there for you now and for the future with solutions to meet current and future communication challenges.