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The IPC deadline for Alliance System users is fast approaching.  If your organisation uses an IPC Alliance trader platform, you will not be supported by the manufacturer beyond 31st December 2017.  If you do not want to be forced into a costly technology upgrade or face having your voice system operating without support, there is an alternative option - AVT

Since 1995, our team has assisted over 500 financial organisations with more than 20,000 turret positions to optimise the life cycle of their legacy trading and recording systems.  As the UK's largest alternative services provider, and with a ready supply of original manufacturer equipment, many clients rely on AVT for continued support and service of IPC Alliance systems. Along with our partners such as Market Communications in the USA, AVT currently provide global support on Alliance systems for a number of well-known financial institutions.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to suit your specific requirements.   We offer industry standard SLAs, including access to our 24x7x365 contact centre, guaranteed MAC labour rates and contract prices that are considerably lower than you're accustomed to.

Our engineers and service technicians have extensive experience of new and legacy voice trading systems.  Whilst the primary focus is on performing maintenance services and resolving system failures, they are fully qualified to perform system expansions, alterations and relocations as required.

All of our EOL components and turrets are refurbished, tested and guaranteed to ensure compatibility giving you peace of mind knowing your system is operating at optimal performance.  Please contact us for more information

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